House and Land Mystery Shopping

Maximise conversions to sales in House and Land through exceptional customer service

House and Land Mystery Shopping

House and Land sellers in Australia face a unique and highly competitive market.

Challenges include high marketing spends to attract potential buyers to developments.

Also when prospective buyers visit display rooms, they are sometimes confronted with the offerings of competitors nearby.

Exceptional customer service is critical in overcoming low conversions in house and land sales.

When sales efforts fall short sellers may be gifting their nearby competitors a sale.

Mystery Shopping of House and Land display rooms ensures that sellers' standards and processes are being followed.

All aspects of the sales process can be checked including the crucial negotiations and follow up.

Where deficiencies are identified appropriate actions can then be taken such as additional training.

Sellers can also conduct Mystery shops on their competitors to gain important competitive intelligence.

We have experience in conducting mystery shops for house and land sellers.
Reach out to us to get an edge on your competition and improve your sales results.

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We are an active member of the Mystery Shopping Professionals Association

We are an active member of the Mystery Shopping Professionals Association